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A girl of my station is made to be sold to the highest bidder, for the best advantage. I know that, and I accept it. I am no foolish child to think I should marry for looks or for love. Money is the thing -- money and power. The older my suitor, the better, for the sooner he'll die and leave me a rich and very merry widow.

My brother Benvolio despises me, and I hate him in turn; before I am gone from House Montague to my aged bridegroom's arms, I will see him paid for his slights.

How better to hurt him than to hurt someone he holds dear? Mercutio Ordelaffi has a secret, a dire one. With my scheming grandmother's help, I can ruin my brother, his friend, and humiliate House Capulet all in one blow.

A fitting marriage gift to see me off to my triumphs.

One day, they will all come begging to my door, and I will take great delight in shutting them out.
She’s a cow, that one. Fancies herself above us. She dresses as badly as a servant and pretends it to be some sort of virtue. She spends her hours reading, of all things. Even nuns don’t read.
Veronica, said of Rosaline