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I am no man for the middle road. There is little chance of that in fair Verona, between the hatred of Capulet and the steel of Montague, and the hellfire of my father, Lord Ordelaffi -- a side must be chosen. A destiny must be set.

I will stand with my friends against all odds and all enemies, for I may bury myself in the fight, in the pulse of blood and pride. What I do in secret is my own affair, and Benvolio and Romeo are brothers enough to turn their eyes away and watch for knives aimed at my back.

Still, on some dark mornings, I wake knowing that there is no escape for me. No miracle. Nothing but a fate set long ago, by the will of God and my family, and my own rage affects it not. I will be the man Verona wishes, or Verona will destroy me.

God grant that my secrets shall keep just a little longer.

God help those who betray them.
Men's eyes were made to look, and let them gaze; I will not budge for no man's pleasure, I.
Mercutio, to Tybalt Capulet