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I am known as the responsible elder cousin of Montague, and my only role is to serve as the heir Romeo's companion and guardian. It chafes me, knowing that my life is planned out before me, minor and unimportant. I will live and die for House Montague -- so my fearful grandmother the Iron Lady tells me. That is, if my scheming sister Veronica doesn't kill me first.

Yet I still dream, and I escape into the night masked and disguised as the Prince of Shadows, a thief who avenges the wrongs done my house not with blood, but with gold. It began as a jest, and has become a calling, but I know it cannot last. Prince Escalus's guards are hot on my trail, and the penalty will be dire.

My greatest mistake may have been to enter the palace of House Capulet seeking treasures, because I have found one … one that I cannot take away.

Her name is Rosaline. She is the sister of my greatest enemy, and worse, the object of my cousin Romeo's latest infatuation.

I can feel a doom coming down on us all. Perhaps, with luck and nerve, and the help of a fair Capulet maiden, I can put a stop to it.

I pray God it be so.
The Prince of Shadows has always stolen from the best houses in Verona. He’s taken earrings off a sleeping duchess. What difference? It’s all risk.
Benvolio Montague